Blue like an Orange invested US$ 18.0 million in Produbanco in 2018.

Produbanco is a banking institution, founded 40 years ago and part of Grupo Promerica since 2014. Promerica has a strong presence across Latin America and the Caribbean. Produbanco operates in the Ecuadorian financial market with a nationwide coverage. It offers a broad portfolio of products and services to serve the corporate, middle market, SMEs and retail clients. Produbanco is currently the third largest bank by total assets as well as by deposits in Ecuador.

Blue like an Orange invested US$ 18.0 million in Produbanco in 2018. In addition to IDB Invest, Produbanco received funding from various other Development Finance Institutions, such as green funding from the Andean Development Corporation (Corporación Andina de Fomento) and then from FMO in 2016; as well as financing from the International Finance corporation (IFC), Proparco (Groupe Agence Française de Dévelopement) and DEG (KfW Group) in 2018.

Blue like an Orange invested US$ 30.0 million in Cabify in 2018.

Cabify is a ride hailing company with leading positions in Latin America and Iberia. It was founded in May 2011 in Spain and consists of a transportation network that provides vehicles for hire via its smartphone mobile app. Vehicles are driven by their owners, who must pass a selection and certification process.

The Company offers two services, one for businesses and another for individuals. Cabify operates as the contact point between customers and private drivers by means of its mobile app and its web page.

The Company currently operates heavily in the Latin American region, with presence in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Panama, Bolivia and Dominican Republic.

Blue like an Orange invested US $ 25 million in Grupo Cimcorp in 2019

Grupo Cimcorp is one of the ten largest ICT Services Providers in the Brazilian market, with more than 3,400 employees, distributed in 16 Brazilian states and serving 800 clients. Grupo Cimcorp was founded in 1988 in Sao Paulo, Brazil and was initially a re-seller of ICT equipment.

Following a transformation/repositioning of the company’s business model from an ICT equipment re-selling business into an ICT services provider, Grupo Cimcorp is now providing applications, workspace management solutions, collaboration, network integration, consulting services and managed infrastructure.