Sustainability: the core of our origin and purpose

The  drafting of the “From Billions to Trillions” report in 2015 commissioned by multilateral development banks and led by Bertrand Badré, Blue like an Orange’s CEO and at that time Managing Director at the World Bank, formed the backdrop against which Blue like an Orange’s concept and purpose were formed.

Responsible investment agenda implementation

Sustainability is fully embedded in our strategy as we seek to provide an inclusive form of financing in specific investment areas by cooperating in a unique way with Development Finance Institutions and systematically evaluating our impact against quantifiable benchmarks. Therefore, sustainability considerations are at the center of our investment process and are thus reflected in our portfolio impact monitoring. In particular, our unique cooperation arrangement with IDB Invest is currently bearing fruit from a sustainability perspective as well as from a commercial one, and we are grateful for their strong support and engagement which provides us with additional tools and capacity for impact measurement and monitoring.


Responsible investment initiatives participation and promotion

Our commitments to various Impact Investing initiatives and partnerships embody the fund’s mission to manage investments for sustainable, social and environmental impact. In line with these different Responsible Investment engagements, Blue like an Orange team members share their time and expertise to promote impact investing and sustainability practices within the financial community.

As we started to make investments late 2018, the description of our sustainability engagement currently has a greater focus on our own sustainability management processes than on our investments’ impact monitoring. Our sustainability webpages will thus be updated in the future.