In accordance with Blue like an Orange’s different responsible investment engagements, Blue like an Orange is committed to promoting acceptance and implementation of the principles of impact investing and sustainability within the financial community. Therefore, Blue like an Orange’s managers, in particular, our CEO, Partner and Founder, Bertrand Badré and Suprotik Basu, Head of Impact, Founder and Partner; dedicate some of their time to share their expertise and are active as board members or advisors of some organizations committed to that agenda. These organizations include among others the International Water Bank, the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Infrastructure, the Global Business Coalition for Health, and Nutrition International.

BLAO Day - April 3, 2019 - Main Session - BB3.jpg
J. de Antonio, CEO and Founder of Cabify, Blue like an Orange’ second investment, and R. Kaldany, Blue like an Orange’s CIO

J. de Antonio, CEO and Founder of Cabify, Blue like an Orange’ second investment, and R. Kaldany, Blue like an Orange’s CIO


Blue like an Orange Day | April 3rd, 2019

Blue like an Orange’s team was delighted to hold a meeting to gather our Limited Partners, General Partners, Key Advisors and some of our Clients to share with them our view of the Latin American macro situation, a description of our portfolio and pipeline, and our sustainability approach.

We were also pleased to welcome Cristobal Salas, from IDB Invest, to talk about our relationship. In addition, we heard from our first two investee companies, Produbanco (Ruben Eguiguren - VP) and Cabify (Juan de Antonio - CEO and Founder).

Lastly, Christian Monjou, researcher and professor, gave a speech on “Innovation with an artistic perspective” and Baptiste Perrissin-Fabert, Chief of Staff of the French Secretary of State of Ecology, spoke about Blue like an Orange’s vision and its fit with the ambition of the current French government regarding impact and sustainability.



Les Rencontres Economiques in Singapore | New Horizons for the World Economy | March 14th, 2019

While globalization has been accelerating, voices arise against an ever more integrated global economy. Innovation and new technologies are seen as aggravating factors polarizing the world and increasing inequalities. In this increasingly uncertain context, what are the real pro and cons of globalization? How can we rethink its governance? What set of rules could revive trust and efficiency?



Collision d'affaires | La Presse + | May 24th, 2018

Chronicle from Marie-Claude Lortie - La Presse +

Mrs. Lortie introduces C2 Montréal’s AI Forum which gives an opportunity to explore the kinds of environments tomorrow’s organizations and workforce will inhabit, and discover new ways and means of accelerating your business.

She had also the opportunity to ask four questions to Bertrand Badré.



C2 Montreal 2018 | May 23, 2018

Don’t brace for impact – embrace it

We already live in a world of collisions. This is a gift – collisions are the antidote to cynicism, because they break down barriers between ideas, points of view, fields and industries. By allowing you to see the world through new lenses, they create new grounds we can build on together.

At C2 Montréal 2018  / #C2M18 ( , the focus was on re-energizing and re-tooling established and nascent leaders, innovators and creators from all industries and disciplines.



La finance d'impact | Les Affaires | May 05th, 2018

Interview of Bertrand Badré from Diane Bérard  - Les Affaires

"La finance d'impact demeure marginale. Nous sommes tous responsables de la suite."

Diane Bérard interroge Bertrand sur sa carrière, Blue like an Orange,  le rôle de la finance et l'investissement d'impact.



Bertrand Badré on International Governance and Public Private Cooperation

World Economic Forum

Global Future Councils on the Future of International Governance, Public-Private Cooperation & Sustainable Development

Why it is is difficult and why it so necessary to work on governance if we want to shift paradigm and reach the sustainable development goals.



Bertrand Badré | L'Hebdo des AG | January 15, 2018

This review of l'Hebdo des AG (#160) focuses on what we really know about socially responsible investment (SRI). 

At this occasion, Bertrand gives his view of today's finance.



Webcast replay, seminar 10 January

Bertrand visits SpareBank 1 Markets in Norway.

He has the opportunity to share his standpoint on how to support a more sustainable development. The system is now patched-up after 2008-2009 crisis and we are starting to think about what comes next and where we are heading to. But a lot remains to be done and we need to go back to common wisdom.


Can Finance Save the World? Regaining Power over Money to Serve the Common Good

Bertrand's book was released on January 30, 2018. Featuring forewords from Emmanuel Macron and Gordon Brown.



Bertrand Badré | Tech for Planet - December 11, 2017

As an initiative from the French Presidency, Tech for Planet gathered in Paris entrepreneurs who are innovative against global heating.

Bertrand was one of the speakers. He explained how to scale solutions for climate change.



Bertrand Badré | One Planet Summit - December 12, 2017

On 2017/12/12, the President of the French Republic, the President of the World Bank Group and the Secretary General of the United Nations addressed the emergency for our planet by calling together in Paris international leaders 

Two years to the day after the historic Paris Agreement, it is time for concrete action. Many stakeholders are already taking action and present projects illustrating the ongoing transition.

Bertrand was one of the panelist invited to share his experience and contribution to the planet.



Finance: Poor Master, Great Servant | Bertrand Badré | TEDxIHEParis

Bertrand explains that this power does not only lie within the hands of a few inaccessible institutions and that in fact we can all contribute to building an ethical financial system aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.