Financing that works for all 

We provide sustainable capital to fill a financing gap for entrepreneurs in emerging markets. We have a focus on mezzanine financing, which allows companies to expand operations without giving up ownership or control, and creates a more efficient financial structure. Enterprises in emerging markets, for instance in Latin America and the Caribbean, do not typically have access to affordable mezzanine debt, and especially not from a mission-aligned provider. 


A unique cooperation model 

Development Finance Institutions (DFI) have indispensable knowledge and resources to source and review investments effectively. Taken together, they manage over $300B of socially responsible investments, and have the most robust pipeline for social investing in the world. Their investment and sustainability expertise, local knowledge and relationships, and track record are of great value.  That is why they are vital partners to help Blue like an Orange conduct preliminary due diligence on companies, assess development impact, and collect and analyze data on social and financial performance.

Through our first cooperation with the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IDB Invest), our investments benefit from a local knowledge base and network focused on financing small and medium-sized enterprises in Latin America and the Caribbean.


A measurable standard

Tangibly measuring the social progress of our investments is paramount. So we are aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, which seek to foster inclusive growth.

These goals include ending poverty and hunger, achieving gender equality, and creating peaceful societies free of fear and violence. Also vital is protecting the planet through urgent action on climate change, and sustainable consumption, production, and management of natural resources.