Global standards that guide us

We work with our partners to measure progress against a number of globally recognized industry standards. This way, we stay accountable to the communities we touch, and to the investors that make these projects possible.



United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Principles for Responsible Investment


Impact Reporting and Impact Standards

BUSINESS AREA of focus include



Providing every child access to education could boost GDP by an average of 28% per year in lower-income countries. Parents at every socio-economic level in developing countries have demonstrated a willingness to dedicate a significant amount of income to educating their children. We support traditional and innovative education models to reach a greater segment of the population. We also put a strong emphasis on vocational training and workforce readiness. Blue like an Orange companies are playing an essential role in ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education in support of SDG 4.



Investing in health ensures individuals and economies can reach their full productive potential and is a rapidly growing sector in developing countires. We capitalize companies that have demonstrated consistent improvements to population health and contribute to strengthening health systems. Blue like an Orange health companies are working with their employees, consumers and communities to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages in support of SDG 3.


Sustainable infrastructure

We aim to support the development of sustainable infrastructure by investing in high quality information technology, affordable, clean and reliable energy, sanitation, and transport to those who are currently operating with limited or no access. These investments will not only develop infrastructure but will also support quality employment for people in the surrounding communities. (SDG’s 6, 7, 8,9,11). 



Ending hunger and ensuring sustainable and secure food production is essential to economic growth, a national security priority for developing nations, and through working the land, how the vast majority of people in the developing world make a living. We invest in companies that promote improved livelihoods for farm owners and laborers, and provide access to more efficient markets, sustainable technology, inputs and processing equipment, and capacity building and technical education (SDG 2).


Financial Services

Access to safe, transparent, convenient and affordable banking and finance is critical to building a business of any size, and in most developing countries access to capital is extremely limited. We invest in organizations that meet these standards, and seek to provide capital and banking services to unbanked or underbanked customers. Blue like an Orange companies are working to empower their customers by offering equal rights to control their own economic resources in a bid to reduce poverty (SDG 1).